Who We Are

Al Jassra Corporate Services (AJCS), a company of Al Jassra Group, is the leading provider for corporate, business, and financial investment solutions in Qatar. Looking for a local Business Partner, seek no further!

AJCS provides you with knowledge-based solutions for every phase of your business life cycle and helps you establish a successful operation in the Qatari market.

We provide a single-platform solution for all your needs: establish your business, set up your office space, develop, promote, and expand your operations.
We also provide you with on-going administrative support to maximize opportunities, from assistance with regulatory compliance to obtaining licenses and permits.

Our team of experts will drive your success through their deep knowledge of the local market and strong connections and network base. They will provide you with progressive solutions that will optimize your strategies and goals.

We strive to be catalysts of our clients’ success by providing services and strategic advice across the board. Al Jassra Corporate Services is a 100% shareholding Qatari company and member of the most reputable business group in Qatar, Al Jassra Group, established by the Al Mana family.

What We Do

Our team is dedicated to supporting your business towards getting established in the local market.

Through our wide range of services, we will ensure that your presence in Qatar will be facilitated as well as all the necessary requirements will be accomplished to ensure a successful presence in the local market.

From becoming your local partner and finalizing local sponsorship requirements, and office space to business development, networking and marketing, and everything that comes in between.

We take off the burden to allow you to focus on your business. We provide you with a competitive edge to perform at your best through our agile and comprehensive services.

Al Jassra Corporate Services is here to ensure a successful kick-off and continuity to your business in Qatar.

Why Us

Put simply, we cater to 21st-century business. In today’s business climate, competition is fierce and becoming even more so, and we are here to help you navigate through it. Whether you have your eye on expanding or establishing your business in Qatar, we will make it happen. You strategize, and we optimize with turnkey solutions and services ranging from the exceptional to the mundane to help you set up and start your business in Qatar in the blink of an eye.