There are various ways in which one can establish a legal presence here in Doha. Choosing one of these vehicles will depend on the type of business you are looking to establish and the aims and services of your business. The most used vehicles in setting up in Qatar are the following:

  • Setting up a foreign branch
  • Incorporating an LLC
  • Establishing a Trade Office


Many foreign investors set up in Qatar by incorporating an LLC. The Foreign Investment Law No. 2000 stipulates that if a company wants to establish a legal presence in Qatar, at least 51% shareholding must be held by a Qatari partner. Despite this fact, Al Jassra Corporate Services as the Qatari partner does not take 51% share of the profits.
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Legal Disclaimer: This is a general overview of the types of business conducted in Qatar. It should not be taken as comprehensive advice, nor should it be taken that any content provided herein is professional legal advice. Al Jassra Corporate Services shall not be held responsible for any liability arising from the reliance of any information contained herein, including any claim for loss, damage, or expense.